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Mannat Physio Care


It’s the job of physiotherapists to get rid of that chronic pain you suffer on your back or help in healing the knee injury to get your smooth gait again. Mannat Physio Care, Gurugram is the best place for you to find the best physiotherapists who are dedicated and committed in their profession in helping you recover with their warm hands. With diagnosis and treatment that include one-to-one analysis, manual treatments and stretching exercises they help you understand your body and it’s needs they make you strong.
Whether it’s back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, a sprained knee, a twisted ankle or a tennis elbow, MPC Gurugram is your one stop facility for the best kind of physiotherapy you can avail. Injury can happen to the elderly as well as the young.
Physiotherapy at MPC Gurugram is driven by your trust to make you aware of your injury and help you with their hands on approach. Ypur health is in good hands when you put your trust in the capable hands of physiotherapists at MPC Gurugram. With the involvement of the rest of the family along with therapists from MPC, Gurugram, your recovery is full of promise.


Are you looking for help with pain, inflammation or some much needed relaxation? Do you need some deep tissue massage or wish to reduce some unwanted fat from your body? Cupping therapy is the route to your happiness and Mannat Physio Care is your perfect bff to guide you there.
An ancient but very effective mode of treatment, cupping therapy helps get rid of chronic fatigue, give healthy skin, relieve digestive problems and lung and urinary diseases. Dating back to Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures, Cupping therapy is trendy even now. With both dry and wet modes of cupping, therapists use alcohol, paper or herbs in cups made of glass, ceramic, rubber or silicon and set it on fire.
When the fire subsides the cup is placed upside down on your skin to conduct treatment. Side effects like headache, nausea or scarring of the skin goes away within a few days. Therapists at our Mannat Physio Care are certified and trained to heal you all the way.


41% to 50% of women over the age of 40 suffer from pelvic floor discomfort or dysfunction, yet they remain silent. However, it should be highlighted that pelvic floor disorders are widely documented to have a detrimental influence on overall quality of life. Numerous individuals have claimed detrimental affects on their daily activities at home and at work, personal relationships, social life, and mental well-being.

Pelvic floor diseases arise when women’s pelvic muscles are weaker or their pelvic organs’ connective tissue is torn. Many women are unaware of treatment choices that might help them manage their pain and enhance their overall quality of life.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy at Mannat addresses all of a woman’s health concerns and benefits all females throughout their lives, from the youthful athlete to the childbearing woman, menopausal woman, and old woman.

Conditions that our best pelvic floor physiotherapists can assist with:

●    Pelvic floor pain, muscle tightness or weakness

●   Bladder or urethra pain

●   Constipation

●   Fecal incontinence

●   Pre-natal or post-partum lower back pain

●   Osteoporosis

●   Pelvic floor pain, muscle tightness or weakness

●   Pre-natal or post-partum lower back pain

Are you suffering from any of the issues above?

If so, we can help. We are the best pelvic floor physiotherapist in Gurugram and have helped many women overcome their pelvic pain issues. Our pelvic floor physiotherapy in Gurugram is tailored to your specific needs and we provide individual attention so that you get the most out of your treatment.

Mannat’s Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy focuses on the muscles at the base of the abdomen that join to the pelvis and support the functioning of the bladder, intestines, and uterus in women. Prenatal pelvic floor physiotherapy will assist your body in preparing for labour and minimising pelvic floor injury. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help reduce urine incontinence and lower back discomfort both during and after delivery. In general, physiotherapy is an excellent and safe way for pregnant women to maintain their physical activity, which is critical for an easier delivery.

If you’re worried about your pelvic floor health, don’t wait any longer! Call us today or book an appointment online!

Covid and Post-Covid Rehab

COVID-19 has been linked to a slew of symptoms, the severity of which varies widely from person to person. It can take a long time to feel like yourself again, even for individuals who only had minor symptoms. Patients with severe symptoms may be confined to their homes, bedridden, or even hospitalized for weeks as they recuperate.The effects of prolonged inactivity often make it more difficult to recover from the disease’s effects. That’s exactly where post covid rehabilitation physiotherapy comes into play.

Weakness and deconditioning are two of the most prevalent problems that people experience after suffering from COVID-19. A physical therapist (PT) can determine a target heart rate and then monitor the patient’s heart rate to make sure they’re exercising safely. Common residual effects include pain and stiffness, which can be evaluated and treated in a post-covid rehabilitation clinic.

It’s all too simple to over-exert yourself when you are trying to regain your strength. A physical therapist will prescribe particular exercises and repetition counts to ensure that you are exercising safely and effectively. Following our post-covid rehabilitation physiotherapy programme with one of our skilled PTs will ensure that you are challenging yourself with the appropriate exercises and levels of difficulty.

Our physical therapists are experts in every piece of exercise equipment at our clinic and will be able to think outside the box to come up with a plan that works for you. After remaining immobile, some individuals experience stiffness or soreness. Hands-on manual treatments can be used by physical therapists to help alleviate pain and stiffness.Any patient who does not feel ‘back to normal’ after two weeks after their symptoms have subsided could benefit from the help of a physical therapist. Expert guidance can help you get back to your previous level of function as soon as feasible and safely.