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An alternative type of medicine Osteopathy is conducted by physical manipulation of the muscle tissue and bones. Osteopathy believes that the wellbeing of a person depends on the smooth collective functioning of bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. 



Mannat Physio Care brings you this drug free, non-invasive manual therapy that helps in strengthening the musculoskeletal framework of a person in the best way.


Manual medicine implies diagnosis and treatment conducted by trained and expert hands. You’ll find some of the best Osteopaths so close to you at MPC, Gurugram. They heal you with the best osteopathic treatment that involves stretching, massaging, moving the musculoskeletal system, reducing pain and increasing mobility and blood circulation.


The body has an innate ability to heal itself and our Osteopaths at MPC help you in the journey to recovery with their utmost dedication and assurance. They feel your pain through their hands. This complementary therapy deals with spine issues, digestive complaints, respiratory disorders, arthritis, sleep disorders.


Osteopathy focuses not only on the injured or affected part but takes a holistic approach towards the general health of the whole body. If you’re looking for this alternative medicine, then MPC Gurugram is the best facility for you. 


We can function properly and happily only with a proper structure. Your body is important. Let us help you take proper care of it.