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It is generally believed that physiotherapy can be accessed only by going to a clinic. However it has been known to be beneficial if availed at home too by patients who’ve had a fall or any long term condition that affect mobility.


Physical, as well as breathing problems can be dealt with by availing Physiotherapy at home. Physiotherapists from MPC, Gurugram are always hands-on prepared to deliver treatment in the safety and comfort of your home. Patients of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases have also benefited from home physiotherapy. Regular therapy improves a person’s day to day function and brings progress in long term conditions.


Home physiotherapy is more helpful than going to the clinic, especially if you’ve had a fall. The home environment is much safer than venturing outside to reach the clinic. Therapists from MPC, Gurugram try to schedule visits around the time when family members would also be present at home to assist and learn techniques.


Exercises, specially of the back, neck and feet can be done at home to relieve pain, bring and maintain mobility.  Home physiotherapy is especially convenient for the elderly as they are susceptible to falls and injuries more easily. Home therapy ensures they enjoy an effective and independent lifestyle as long as possible. Physiotherapists at MPC, Gurugram are trained to safely guide each patient through exercises to ensure that the road to recovery and good life is smooth and flexible.


If you’ve been in an accident and trying to recuperate, home physiotherapy can help you regain physical strength faster. Home therapy goes a long way in ensuring that you avoid further injuries.

With the involvement of the rest of the family along with therapists from MPC, Gurugram, your recovery is full of promise.